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Arhantin Snowflake SIAw67
Sire:Arhantin Wendel S SIAc
Dame: Arhantin Vrouw Maria SIAw67
Arhantin Snowman SIAw67

sire: Arhantin Wendel S SIAc

Dame: Arhantin Vrouw Maria SIAw67

EC Arhantin Johnny Blue SIAa , JW, born 2005
sire: Okonor Battus Philenor SIan
Dame: Arhantin Mimosa SIAn

EC Arhantin Macenaro SIAn , JW born 2004 , lives in Russia
Sire: Okonor Battus Philenor SIAn
Dame : Arhantin Mimosa SIAn

European Champion Year 2006

The Cat of the Year 2005
Arhantin Nefertite SIAn

17 years of Arhantin breeding was needed from Messalina´s beauty to Nefertite´s beauty :D

European Champions Year 1990

Best Siamese Adult Cat of Year 1990 and 1991
EC Arhantin Messalina SIAc
Best Siamece m. 6-10 Cat Year 1990
EC Arhantin Antonius SIAc

Arhantin Petite Fleur OSHo and her owner

EC Arhantin Johnny Blue , JW , SIAa
The Best Siamese Adult of Year 2006

Arhantin Johnny Blue , judge Ann-Sofie Sneum

EC Arhantin Johnny Blue,JW with his owner Susanna Ståhlberg

Best Siamese Adult 2005

Cat-show 2006 , cat Arhantin Rimah

Cat-show 2005 , cat Arhantin Charlie Brown

Cat-show 2005. judge Martti Peltonen , the cat Arhantin Johnny Blue

Cat-show 1990.

EC Arhantin Messalina ,Best Siamese Adult Cat yers 1990 and 1991

assistent Kristiina Rautio,

judge Mr. Scholer

Arhantin Bessemer OSHe24, born 2007
EC Arhantin Wendel S. SIAc
Dam : Anatolian Red Rooster OSHg25

Arhantin Aldo of Carmiel SIAn , born 2006, lives in hungaria

Sire: Arhantin Cat Stevens SIAn
Dam : Arhantin Nigun SIAn

EC Arhantin Messalina SIAc with her son Buffo SIAa, born 1994

Cats of the Year in SRK,Okonor Kond, Arhantin Feisal , Arhantin Nefertite

EC, The Cat Of the Year 2005 Arhantin Nefertite SIAn

Cherry el Risha SIAw67, born 2007,imported from Russia
Sire: Zews Grand Aristos SIAw67
Dam: Arhantin Anjun SIAn

Arhantin Mozartina SIAn ,born 2003 ,lives in Danmark

Sire: EC Okonor Battus Philenor SIAn
Dam: EC Arhantin Alva U. SIAb

Arhantin Cats love shows !

EC Okonor Battus Philenor SIAn, born 2000
Sire: Rama What´s Wanted SIAn
Dam : Rama the Heat of the Nite SIAn
Australian -lined stud arrived from Hungaria

Arhantin Butterfly SIAd, born 1999
Sire:EC Arhantin Don Eduardo OSHd
Dam: Arhantin Inka SIAd
picture and owner Jukka Aaltonen

The Best Siamese Cat m 6-10 Year 1994
EC Arhantin Dulcinea SIAc, born 1994
Sire:EC Okonor Kond SIAc21
Dam: EC Arhantin Messalina SIAc

Best Cat of the Year 1995 , 6-10 months

Arhantin Fadel OSHd24 born 1994
Sire: EC Okonor Kond SIAc21
Dam: Arhantin Ofelia OSHd25

Arhantin Auervaara SIAd, born 1995
Sire:Okonor Kond SIAc21
Dam: Arhantin Odile SIAd
lives in Germany and was there the Best Cat of the Year 1996

Okonor Nimrod OSHn24 , born 1997 , comes from Hungary
Sire: Okonor Atahualpha SIAc21
Dam: Sphinx silky OSHn
arrived next for maiting-stud

New male arrived from Hungary, breeder Laszlo Nemeth:
EC Okonor Kond SIAc21, born 1994
Sire: Waterwitch Tyrian SIan
Dam: Okonor Seheredzade SIAb21

"Kontula" was

The Best Cat m 6-10 Year 1994

and same year also

The Cat of the Year 1995 , of ALL RACES

(It was last year , when the Cat of the Year was BEST from ALL RACES!

Never earlier Siamese cat had win the tittle!)

I bought new cats from Danmark , breeder Dorte Kaae:
Bellami´s ZigZag OSHd

Bellami´s Victoria SIAd

Breeder Dorte Kaae, Danmark

Biolocical cat-family:

Kautonsalon Blue Diamond had new husband, Minkki Amadeus Mozart SIAd. She was very good mother and wife , and kept in order Amdeus too .

In pic Amadeus has got back home from open fireplace and so a bit "dark":D

He had spent nice evening with other studs inside the chimney of fire-place .

Wife asked :

"Why do you look like this ? Where have you been ?

Aren´t you shame , I have been waiting with your babies you back home and you come 100 hours late and look like this?

Look at your poor babies and think , how do they feel .

EC Arhantin Messalina was Best siamese 1990 and 1991

Arhantin first litter born 1989:

Konstantin SIAc, Messalina SIAc and Antonius SIAc.

Sire: EC Pinokin Alfonso SIAc

Dam: GIC Kautonsalon Blue Diamond SIAa

My next 20 ,most happiest years with cats , started from here:At the first cat-show 1989 ,my "foundling" Lumipallo was registered into European race, and was the best european cat at the show!

Arhantin have exported cats to

-Argentina 2 cats

-South- Africa 1 cat

-Austria 3 cats

-Belgium 1 cat

Chech Rebublic 1 cat

-Danmark 4 cats

-Estonia 2 cats

-France 24 cats

-Germany 26 cats

-Hungaria 4 cats

-Italy 3 cats

-Latvia 1 cat

-Poland 4 cats

-Portugal 1 cat

-Russia 26 cats

-Spain 3 cats

-Sweden 3 cats

-Switzerland 3 cats

-Ukraine 2 cats

-USA 2 cats

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