sunnuntai 18. toukokuuta 2008

Where this all started...

In fact , all my next 20 lovely years with cats , started 1988 from Her :Fleurennen Jenny! I had never seen siamese cat before , and when Jenny was looking for new home, I was first in line on the door to have Her!

Her blue eyes like stars on sepia-colored mask , her silky fur , her tender temper, her non-stop- activity , endless love to evrything to everyone has always been found in siamese cats.......

Still ...during 20 years of my breeding !

I f I hadn´t Her, I may have kept in full sence my rest life:D

At the age of 9 years, when She arrived and moved all my life , She couldn´t give any kittens to me , but the legacy of the siameses wonderful wordl she left to me for ever . She slept off on Christmas evening at the honourable age of 21 years.

Nobody of my cats has replaced Her memory .

Sweet Jenny .

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